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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Mediterranean Terraces Design

Today we speak of terraces, but not normal. No. We want to give you a number of premises to decorate your terrace in true Mediterranean style. Imagine a terrace where you feel as if you are in one of those houses overlooking the Mediterranean sea. A corner full of light in the colors allows us to feel integrated into an environment as warm and summery.

Type Decoration on The Terrace
Well, this type of decoration on the terrace will not be very complicated. We just need to pay attention to a number of things. To begin with color. Ideally, we paint our entire terrace of a pure white. There are a number of paintings in the special market for the outdoors, these are precisely what we should buy.

Mediterranian Terrace Style
The other colors, textiles and details will also be important. Should be colored that will attract light, which give priority to not turn off lighting and our environment. For this reason most employee or advisable to use colors like ocean blue, aqua, brown or olive green.

The floor to the terrace should be terracotta or wood, as are the materials most stuck with this type of Mediterranean style, the truth is that when cleaning is not any hassle (because of their color at all).
Mediterranian Terrace Design

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